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ISO Grade
Extreme Pressure
Food Grade (NSF-H1)
Fluid Type
Gear Type
Citgo EP 150

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Manufacturer: Citgo
Brand Name: Citgo
ISO Grade: 150
Extreme Pressure: yes
Food Grade (NSF-H1): no
Fluid Type: Mineral
Gear Type: Plain and antifriction bearings, gear drives bearing oil circulating systems, industrial spiral bevel, helical, spur and herringbone gears.
AGMA Grade: 4EP
API Gravity: 28.00
Oil Viscosity, Kinematic:
 cSt at 40°C
 cSt at 100°C


Oil Viscosity, Saybolt:
 SUS at 100°F
 SUS at 210°F


Viscosity Index: 95
Flash Point: 266.00
Pour Point: -15.00
Fire Point:
Timken: 85
Rust Protection
 Test A (Distilled):
 Test B (Salt)

Density, kg/L @ 15°C: 7.390
Weld point, kgf: 250.00
CITGO EP Compounds provide a complete range of gear oils designed for extra-duty service in a wide variety of industrial applications where extreme pressure conditions prevail.

These lubricants are made from high quality, solvent-refined base stocks. Selected ashless additives assure extreme pressure properties and provide particularly effective anti-wear characteristics under all service conditions.

These products contain an additive which enables mist application with directed delivery of the oil and control of stray mist.

CITGO EP Compounds have a high viscosity index, excellent demulsibility, solution stability and thermal stability properties. They also provide excellent resistance to oxidation and foaming and are noncorrosive.
U.S. Steel Requirement 224, AGMA EP (250.04) and DIN 51517 Part 3 (CLP).

CITGO EP Compounds have been formulated to meet recognized industrial gear oil requirements including U.S. Steel Requirement 224, AGMA EP (250.04) and DIN 51517 Part 3 (CLP). They are recommended for lubrication of plain and antifriction bearings and gear drives that operate under extra-heavy-duty conditions.

These lubricants can be applied via misting systems and are suitable for use in bearing oilcirculating systems.

CITGO EP Compounds are formulated for the lubrication of industrial spiral bevel, helical, spur and herringbone gears. They are especially well-suited for use in multiple gear drives that operate at greatly increased pressure between the surfaces of the gear teeth or where severe shock or overloads are encountered.

Typical applications are steel mills, rubber mills, and similar heavy industries where ambient conditions include water, dirt, and scale. Boundary lubrication regimes are successfully controlled by these lubricants.

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