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Brand Name
NLGI Grade
Oil Viscosity cSt at 40°C
Oil Viscosity cSt at 100°C
Dropping Point °C
Max Op Temp °C
Min Op Temp °C
Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP 2
cartridge $9.95   
35 lb pail $119.95   
121 lb keg $357.95   
400 lb drum $1310.95   

Manufacturer: Chevron
Brand Name: Chevron Ultra-Duty
Soap/Thickener: Lithium
NLGI Grade: 2
Application: see below
Oil Viscosity cSt at 40°C:
Oil Viscosity cSt at 100°C:
Dropping Point °C: 190
Max Op Temp °C: 143
Min Op Temp °C: -26
Color: red
Worked Penetration: 280
Timken OK Load lb: 70
Extreme Pressure: yes
Food Grade (NSF H1): no
Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP are versatile, multipurpose extreme pressure greases with high adhesive properties designed for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.

They are manufactured using selected highly refined, high viscosity base oils, a lithium-12 hydroxystearate thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives. They are red in color and stringy in texture.

Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP provide thicker shockabsorbing oil film protection and greater water resistance than conventional multipurpose greases due to their high viscosity components.

The high viscosity components and tackiness additive give Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP an excellent adhesive quality which provides a tenacious lubricating film in working parts. The lubricants stay in place under severe abrasive operating conditions to resist water washout and shock load wear.

The outstanding tackiness characteristics of Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP make these products somewhat harder to pump than the historical soft, buttery greases. For this reason, we recommend the use of a heavy follower plate with air-driven grease pumps.

Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP lubricate well at low temperatures. The ASTM D 1478 low temperature torque test shows that they retain their lubricating capacity, as defined by military specification MIL-G-81322, down to about -26°C (-15°F).

  • High shock load protection
  • High load-carrying protection
  • High corrosion and rust protection - Chevron
  • Ultra-Duty Greases EP pass the ASTM D 1743 bearing corrosion test.
  • High water resistance
  • Extended service lubrication
Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP are recommended for use in automotive and industrial equipment operating under severe service except where very high operating temperatures are encountered. Typical applications are: mining equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, marine deck equipment, marine deck cranes, oil field equipment, offshore drilling equipment, paper machines, dredging equipment, logging equipment, rock quarry equipment, etc., operating in water, mud, or dusty conditions.

Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP will provide the needed shock load and rust protection and, best of all, they stay put which means less frequent regreasing. They are not our primary recommendation for high temperature wheel bearings. Chevron Delo® Greases EP, Chevron RPM® Automotive LC Greases EP, or Chevron Black Pearl® Greases EP are preferred for wheel bearing applications.

In industrial service, Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP are recommended for use in all types of plain and antifriction bearings from 1-1/2 inch OD to over 16 inch OD, operating at speeds from 50 to 3000 rpm, as well as slides, gears, ways, etc.

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