Molub-Alloy 8031/3000

Manufacturer: Castrol
Brand Name: Molub-Alloy
Thickener Type: Inorganic
NLGI Grade: OO
Viscosity, Kinematic:
cSt at 40°C
cSt at 100°C


Dropping Point: unavailable °C
Max Op Temp °C:
Min Op Temp °C:

Color: black
Worked Penetration: 400-430
Timken OK Load: 33 lb
Extreme Pressure: yes
The Castrol Molub-AlloyTM 8031 /3000 range are based on a high viscosity base oil gel formulated with a non-soap, inorganic thickening system. They contain a high viscosity base fluid especially designed to provide extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear characteristics to the lubricant.

A proprietary blend of Molub-Alloy lubricating solids is included to promote anti-wear and load carrying properties beyond those of conventional lubricants. Molub-Alloy lubricating solids work synergistically with chemical anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) additives to reduce contact temperatures and wear while providing the ultimate in anti-weld protection under extreme pressure and shock loading.

  • Formulated to minimize distribution line plugging tendency – minimizes the potential for eventual plugging of the lubricant distribution lines commonly associated with conventional greases.
  • Readily pumpable and slumpable for good lubricant distribution – good lubricant distribution in enclosed and semi-enclosed applications, and drainable for ease of removal from surrounding guards. This product is also specifically formulated to flush contaminants from gear and pinion flanks, and to resist accumulation in the roots of gear teeth.
  • Highly thixotropic – exhibits a stable form at rest but becomes a fluid when agitated, therefore will not run off the gear teeth. However it will still spread easily and evenly, since the gel-like lube ‘liquifies’ when pressure is applied, carrying away both heat and contaminants.
  • Formulated to address environmental concerns – free of solvents, lead, antimony, and barium.

Molub-Alloy 8031 /3000 is designed to lubricate heavily loaded open gears, screw type actuators, and low to moderate velocity bushings and bearings equipped with centralized or sump type lubrication systems.

This range is recommended for use in open gear applications in cement, mining and any other industries, requiring anti-scuff and anti-wear protection and where no product build-up is desired. It is also suited for units containing bushings, bearings and/or gears where ISO 1500, 3000 or 6000 viscosity grade lubricant is required, but straight fluid lubricants leak out.