Hydraulic Oil Buyer's Guide
Brand Name
Fluid Type
Industry Application
ISO Viscosity Grade
Food Grade
Low Temperature
Fire Resistance
Viscosity Index
Mobil Velocite Oil No. 6
5 gallons $91.93   

Manufacturer: Mobil
Brand Name: Mobil Velocite
Fluid Type: unavailable
Industry Application: unavailable
ISO Grade: 10
Biodegradeable: no
Food Grade (NSF-H1): no
Low Temperature: no
Viscosity Index:
Oil Viscosity, Kinematic:
 cSt at 40°C
 cSt at 100°C


Oil Viscosity, Saybolt:
 SUS at 100°F
 SUS at 210°F

Flash Point: 180.00
Pour Point: -15.00
The Mobil Velocite Oil Numbered Series oils are premium performance products primarily designed for the lubrication of high-speed spindles in machine tools. They are also used in some critical hydraulic, circulation systems and air line oilers where the appropriate viscosity grade is selected. They are formulated from select high-quality, low viscosity base oils and additives that impart good resistance to oxidation and protection from rust and corrosion. They possess very good resistance to foaming and separate readily from water.

Features and Benefits
The Mobil Velocite Oil Numbered Series provide exceptional lubrication of close-tolerance bearings which helps keep the bearings running cool and helps maintain the precision required by many of today's critical machine tools. Although the Mobil Velocite Oil Numbered Series oils were designed for spindle bearings, they exhibit the required properties to function as low pressure hydraulic and circulating oils as long as the proper viscosity is selected. This feature can help minimise inventory costs and reduce the potential for product misapplication.
  • Good Oxidation Resistance - Helps reduce critical deposit formationImproves oil life
  • Very Good Rust and Corrosion Protection - Improves equipment lifeProvides increased precision long-term
  • Effective Water Separation - Resists emulsion formationKeeps moisture out of critical lubrication areasAllows easy removal of moisture from system reservoirs
Cincinnati Machine P-62

  • High speed spindle bearings in machine tools and equipment where high speeds and fine clearances are involved
  • Precision grinders, lathes, jig borers and tracer mechanisms
  • Velocite Oil No 3 is recommended for "zero clearance" type spindle bearings which operate with extremely close clearances
  • For sleeve type spindle bearings having greater clearances, the choice of viscosity depends on the relation between clearance and spindle speed
  • Low pressure hydraulic systems where appropriate viscosity is selected
  • For some sensitive instruments such as telescopes, laboratory equipment, etc.

Machine Applications:
High speed spindle bearings, Precision grinders, lathes, jig borers and tracer mechanisms

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