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Shell Tonna T 32

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Manufacturer: Shell
Brand Name: Tonna
Fluid Type: Refined Mineral
Industry Application: unavailable
ISO Grade: 32
Biodegradeable: no
Food Grade (NSF-H1): no
Low Temperature: no
Viscosity Index: 108
Oil Viscosity, Kinematic:
 cSt at 40°C
 cSt at 100°C


Oil Viscosity, Saybolt:
 SUS at 100°F
 SUS at 210°F

Flash Point: 216.00
Pour Point: -33.00
Shell Tonna Oils T are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides and tables. They are based on highly refined mineral oils and contain additives to enhance their tackiness, anti-wear and stick-slip characteristics.

Performance Features and Benefits
  • Excellent frictional properties Specially developed to overcome “stick-slip” problems with slow moving machine tool slides and tables, allowing more accurate positioning. This provides benefits of improved surface finish and dimensional accuracy of workpieces.
  • Good slideway adhesion Provides strong adhesion to slideway surfaces, resisting wash-off by metalworking fluids. Ready separation from water-extendible cutting fluids Separates readily from water-extendible metalworking oils allowing easy removal by skimming.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance Provides high levels of anti-wear protection for slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components.
  • Excellent corrosion prevention characteristics Provides effective protection of machine tool surfaces and components in the presence of water-extendible cutting fluids.

Health and Safety
Guidance on Health and Safety are available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from your Shell representative.

Protect the environment
Take used oil to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.
ISO/DIS 6743-13, DIN 51524 HLP, approved by Cincinnati-Milacron and other machine tool manufacturers

  • Machine tool slideways, tables and feed mechanisms: Developed for use on a wide range of materials used for machine tool slideway surfaces, including cast iron and synthetic materials.
  • Machine tool hydraulic systems: Recommended for machines which have a combined hydraulic and slideway lubrication system.
  • Machine tool gearboxes and spindles: Also suitable for gear and headstock lubrication.
The lower viscosity grades are intended for horizontal slide lubrication (Tonna T 32, T 68 or T 100). For vertical slides use Tonna T 220.
Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell representative.

Machine Applications:
Machine tool slideways, tables and feed mechanisms, machine tool hydraulic systems, machine tool gearboxes and spindles

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