Shell Donax TX

Manufacturer: Shell
Brand Name: Donax
Transmission Type: Automotive, power steering, certain manual
Fluid Type: unavailable
Viscosity cSt at 40°C:
Viscosity cSt at 100°F:


Viscosity Index: 185
Flash Point:
Pour Point:
SAE Grade: unavailable
Viscosity SUS at 100°C:
Viscosity SUS at 210°C:

Specific Gravity:
Color: unavailable
Donax TX is a superior quality automatic transmission fluid fully approved by General Motors to meet their GM DEXRON III specification. Based on Shell XHVI synthetic base fluid, Donax TX is the ultimate performance automatic transmission fluid allowing extended drain intervals even under the most severe conditions.

Performance Features and Benefits
  • Shell XHVI base oil technology
  • Excellent shift feeling
  • Extremely low temperature fluidity
  • Shear stability
  • Wear protection
  • Maximum oil drain interval potential
  • High temperature oxidation stability

  • Automotive automatic transmissions
  • Automotive hydraulic systems
  • Power steering
  • Certain manual transmissions

General Motors: GM DEXRON III, Ford: MERCON, General Motors Allison: C-4 (25933197), ZF TE-ML: 03D-04D-09-14B-16L-17C, Voith: 55.6336 (ex G 1363), MB: 236.9, MAN: 339 F