Turbine Oil Buyer's Guide
Brand Name
ISO Grade
Turbine Type
Fluid Type
Oil Viscosity cSt at 40°C
Oil Viscosity cSt at 100°C
Viscosity Index
Flash Point
Pour Point
HB- 1170 Turbine Oil 68
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Manufacturer: H & B Industries
Brand Name: HB
ISO Grade: 68
Turbine Type: steam, water and gas
Fluid Type: Conventional
Oil Viscosity:
 cSt at 40°C
 cSt at 100°C

Viscosity Index: 105
Flash Point:
Pour Point:
Oil Viscosity, Saybolt:
  SUS at 100°F
  SUS at 210°F


Total Acid: 1.300
API Gravity: 31.000
Developed for use with steam, water and gas turbines. Parallels latest design advancement requirements of these types of equipment. In most in-stances the source of energy in electric turbo-generators does not change the lubrication requirement. Steam, water and gas turbines all place similar demands on the lubricant.

  • Blended with superior quality 100 VI base oils obtained through complex solvent refining and de-waxing and the following additives:
    • Antioxidants - Air and moisture inevitably present in the lubrication system, operating temperatures which have risen with the increasingly compact design, using steam at higher pressures and temperatures, and constant contact of the oil with metals such as copper and iron place heavy demands on the oxidation stability of the lubricant. Exhibits over 2 1/2 t imes the oxidation-inhibitor life required for most applications.
    • Rust Inhibitors - Prevents rust formation on those areas normally bathed by the oil. Since it is practically impossible to eliminate all moisture and air which gain entrance to the turbine lubrication oil, the interior surfaces of a turbine lubrication system are a source of rust unless protected.
    • Anti-Foam Aqent - Foaming, brought about by the presence of entrapped air in the oil, reduces oil f low to the bearings and causes erratic governor operation. Manufactured to f ree itself of air very rapidly.
    • Pour Depressants - Can be used in equipment which operates outside at low temperatures
    • Anti-Wear Agents - Meets and increasing need for turbine oils with a higher load carrying capacity such as in marine service where steam turbine and reduction gears are lubricated f rom a common oil system

  • Lubricates bearings of prime mover and electrical generator, main and thrust bearings
  • Serves as a coolant
  • Serves as a hydraulic fluid in governor and other control gears
  • Lubricates reduction gears
  • Acts as a sealing medium to prevent loss of hydrogen from hydrogen-cooled generators.
  • Prevents the formation of rust corrosion and sludge within the confines of lubricating systems
  • Allows rapid separation of water and solids to aid purification system
  • Resists foaming
May be used as a turbine oil, circulating oil, or electric motor oil to provide long life, minimize rusting and foaming, and withstand extreme pressures.
May be used in steam, water and gas turbines. High viscosity index and low pour point allow outdoor use at cold temperatures. Oxidation inhibitors provide stability at high pressures.

Demulsibility: 15.00
Oxidation Test, hrs., ASTM D-943: 2700
Color: green

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